Al-Jazeera set to publish terrorism guide

Not that our government should need any further incentive to secure our borders and ports during war time, but the voice of the Islamic jihadist crusade against the west, the Arab TV news network, Al-Jazeera, announced recently its intention to document the porous condition of the US/Mexican border. The Arab network sought interviews with Chris Simcox, leader of the Minutemen Civil Defense Corp, but received a flat rejection of the offer. Mr. Simcox said, “I’ll have no part in aiding and abetting the enemy, and will continue to work to protect our country from terrorists who are clearly looking at our unsecured borders as the pathway to destroy America.�

In absence of any response whatsoever from the US State Department or Department of Defense or Homeland Security, the Minutemen once again had to fill in the gap in our national insecurity apparatus by identifying Al-Jazeera for what it is, “the world’s most prolific terrorism television network� and vowing to resist any filming of their activities along the border. At least one Congressman, Trent Franks (R-Arizona) agrees saying, “It is insane policy to allow al-Jazeera to film Arizona’s unsecured border with Mexico and then broadcast it to the very people who perpetrated 9/11.� Apparently, even this small opposition was enough to cause Al-Jazeera to cancel the launching their study during the 4th of July weekend out of concerns for the safety of their staff although they have not decided to abandon the project.

Al-Jazeera’s motives could indeed be sinister. Their reporting to the entire jihadist world how easy it is to infiltrate the “Great Satan� through its southern border is an open invitation and a go ahead signal to attempt it. The information from Iraq is that most of the suicide attacks against civilians and coalition forces are being committed by foreign fighters crossing the border from Syria to carry out their death-dealing missions. At the present time, there is enormous reporting by Al-Jazeera about the lax security along the US southern border.

To all interested parties: A guide to destroy America

The risks and complications of invading the United States of America are extremely low. In fact, why sweat it out in Iraq and Afghanistan risking certain annihilation by Iraq security forces and the most power military in the world, when there are so many infinite “soft� targets in the heart of the beast. With American forces spread all around the world guarding the borders of so many other ungrateful countries, there is no one left at home to guard their own borders except for older retirees and grandmothers.

There are plenty of guides available (coyotes) to assist you and even the Mexican government has put out a “tour guide� for any inexperienced terrorist to follow in their trek into the US. And if you “mule� in some drugs on your journey for the ex-Mexican special forces turned drug peddling Zetas, they will make your trip worth your while financially. Don’t worry about connections. The drug cartels have networks to numerous major city operations.

Crossing is no problem as there are so few U.S. Border patrol agents to cover the wide expanses of desert and the automatic surveillance equipment is so faulty and inadequate that there is little chance of detection. Furthermore, humanitarian groups have set up rest stations and water reservoirs along the way in case your supplies run a little short. The only worry you have might be detection by those pesky Minutemen volunteers. However, that risk is negated by the helpful tactics of the ACLU and other anti-Minutemen groups who plan to harass the Minutemen and make noises and flash headlights so that trespassers are warned away from the observation posts. Anyway, if you are detected, they still have to rely on the Border Patrol to arrest you. You could be miles away before the agents arrive and besides their superiors have ordered them to “stand down� on making any arrests in areas where the Minuteman are active.

Once inside the country, be sure to head for many of the sanctuary communities where police officers and local officials refuse to detain any illegal aliens despite appeals from the Homeland Security federal office. You need not worry about the locals either. They are either so gullible as to believe their government is protecting them, or are so obsessed with their own personal lives, or are so cowardly as to hide from reality, or are so intimidated by the political correctness dogma of the day, or are so neutered by their own respect for law and order and proper authority that they shy away from taking any action on their own. Just watch out for Army Guard Reservists or National Guardsmen back home from Iraq or Afghanistan on leave. They might just try something as foolish as a citizen’s arrest of an alien invader.

If you are arrested, you need not be overly concerned. In all probability you will be released due to lack of jail space or time and resources to pursue your individual case. The legal requirement of handling OTM’s (other than Mexican) by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement is “catch and release.� Most likely, they will give you a citation to appear in court at a later date, but of course you will could be half way across the country and have blown up two schools and a hospital by then.

And if by some fluke, you are actually detained, you need not worry. The ACLU will take good care of you. If possible, alert the liberal media of your plight. Since you can’t blow up any buildings, fly crop dusters over population centers, or cut off any heads where you are at, you can at least broadcast your anti-west, anti-Christian and anti-Jew propaganda over the US media industry. Amnesty International and the American Red Cross are big suckers for this. You might even score big and get some liberal Democrat puppet suffering from political power withdrawal symptoms who despises his own country and the soldiers who protect him and who is the most easily frightened into surrender to complain in the halls of Congress about how you are being so misunderstood

Don’t forget to bring your Koran so it can be disrespected. If all else fails, don’t fret because the US Supreme Court has your interests in mind. After all, what’s the worst that can happen? You might even get sent to Gitmo, where you will receive three squares, a comfortable bed, an air-conditioned room, musical entertainment, female companionship in the form of lawyers and interrogators, and structured religious activities just in case you have been a bit undisciplined lately. All things considered, the only down side from crossing the border is that you might gain an extra fifteen pounds while waiting for the US to implode or explode which ever happens first.


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