Eric Smith is a scared bitch

Eric Smith has lately been made temporary famous by a post he put on his blog
about Karl Rove. Ever since he was discussed on leading news networks, comments
started rolling in on his blog. Unfortunately, the comments that were against
his point of view were deleted. One of the comments that was deleted contained
his home address in Japan. So, to make sure he doesn't delete them again, I'm
also going to post his address on my blog. And if you are reading this in Japan,
go ahead and take a trip to his house and shit on his yard.

Eric A. Smith
#301 Kami-Itabashi Apartments19-8
Toshinchou, 1-chomeItabashi-ku
Tokyo, Japan


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Joey is a fag

15 July, 2005 21:20  
Blogger New American Patriot said...

Hey neanderthal. That's so clever.

Um, like my address has always been on my blog. I just erased the death threats.

Damn, you are one retarded son of a bitch.

15 July, 2005 21:57  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks like his address and profile was taken down. But Rove's is still up. I guess no lesson was learned at all.

17 July, 2005 03:48  

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