*BULLSHIT* White House spy leak implicated in London terror deaths *BILLSHIT*

This is a bullshit warning. Do not believe what you read on Eric Smith's blog. He is a terrorist sympathizer from North Carolina. Here are a few articles proving him wrong.


posted by New American Patriot

Thanks to Daithí Mac Lochlainn, who pointed out this
unbelievable, horrific scandal to us.It appears that the Valerie Plame leak was
only one of the White House's spy leaks that may lead to the deaths of coalition
agents and civilians. ABC and the Pakistani government have gone on record
saying that last year, timed to coincide with the height of the media hype
surrounding the Democratic convention, the White House prematurely leaked news
of a Pakistani Al Qaeda capture in order to steal the media thunder of candidate
Kerry. Turns out the prisoner, Muhammad Naeem Noor Khan, had become a deep cover agent for the UK and Pakistani governments, and HAD ON HIS LAPTOP THE PLANS FOR THE BUS BOMBING THAT JUST OCCURRED IN LONDON! His mission had to be prematurely aborted as a result, and the first Al Qaeda mole was a bust. But Tom Ridge and the Department of Homeland Security got the headline grabbing story and stole the media thunder from the Convention.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 2:28 AM, New American Patriot said...
Wow, won't CNN be surprised to learn that they were wrong and you, Joey, knew it all along....



" The effort by U.S. officials to justify raising the terror alert level last week may have shut down an important source of information that has already led to a series of al Qaeda arrests, Pakistani intelligence sources have said.

Until U.S. officials leaked the arrest of Muhammad Naeem Noor Khan to reporters, Pakistan had been using him in a sting operation to track down al Qaeda operatives around the world, the sources said."

17 July, 2005 16:05  
Blogger Joey Bee said...

Hey, don't get mad, it's not my fault you are wrong. I read the article you linked, and only learned two things from it.

1. CNN will remove stories from their archives to back-up their stories. Since I tried searching their archive and the first story reporting about Khan was your story. But, after further searching I was able to find stories dating back to the end of July and the first few days of Aug. from other news services. Unless CNN was not aware of other outlets reporting the story, and did not see that the articles used “Pakistani intelligence officials� as sources. I know it is hard to understand, but the U.S. works with other countries in the fight against radical Islamic fundamentalists, terrorists. And most of the time those countries will use situations to further their own needs and wants, even if it harms partner countries.

2. The article you are using is from Aug. 8, 2004, about one week after the initial reports.
Again, here is another article I was able to find stating that “Pakistani intelligence officials� are the source of the information. It was written by Douglas Jehl and David Rohde from the New York Times on Aug. 2, six days before your example. At least this company is some-what ethical.


17 July, 2005 23:38  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here is another article from july 17 also claiming Pakistan was the source of the leak.


19 July, 2005 00:18  

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