Massive boycott of 'United Americas Bank' out of control

The American Resistance Foundation and concerned American citizens will rally in front of the United Americas Bank, 3789 Roswell Rd, Atlanta, at 10:00 AM Saturday, 23 July 2005. The rally is part of an ongoing effort to draw public attention to the bank’s practice of making mortgage loans and opening accounts for thousands of people residing in the U.S. illegally. According to bank officials, United Americas Bank accepts as valid ID the unsecure and easily forged Mexican issued Matricula Consular ID, and, in violation of IRS guidelines, the IRS issued Individual Tax Identification Number.

Georgia State Senator - and national board member of MALDEF - Sam Zamarripa is a founding partner and Director of UAB.

“Because of its ease of forgery, the Mexican Matricula Consular ID is not accepted in most banks in Mexico� observed D.A. King, founder of T.A.R. “Opening accounts for illegal aliens, handling funds received as payment for illegal labor - and making mortgage loans to illegal aliens amounts to money laundering by those who profit from this activity�. “It is a violation of USC 8, section 1324 to encourage an illegal alien to remain in the United States� said King.
The American Resistance Foundation opposes illegal immigration and those who profiteer from that crime, as well as any amnesty proposal for illegal aliens.


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