Incoming retaliation from China

China's foreign ministry today protested against a U.S. Pentagon report which correctly and accurately stated the communist Asian nation of China is rapidly boosting its potential to severely strike Taiwan and beyond and jeopardizing the balance of power in the region. The White House spokesmen affirmed Taiwan's sovereignty, and pledged to protect all Taiwanese land and recourses against any invader or any oppressor of freedom. ``The report unreasonably attacks the modernization of Chinese national defense and rudely castigates China's normal national defense constructions and military deployment,'' Vice Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi said in a statement posted on the ministry's Web site.

China continues to deploy its most advanced weapons against Taiwan and is increasing emphasis on new technologies and strategies with the aim of winning ``short-duration, high- intensity conflicts,'' according to the annual Pentagon report released on Tuesday. China is increasing the number of short- range ballistic missiles aimed at Taiwan by about 100 per year, said the report released today. The balance of power in the Taiwan Strait appears to be shifting toward China because of its expanding economy, growing diplomatic leverage and improvements in military capability, the report said. Meanwhile, Taiwan's defense spending has declined, leaving vulnerable the island-nation China regards as a renegade province.

The U.S. had violated the basic principles of international relations and the three joint communiqués between China and U.S., Yang said in the statement. The U.S. has received gestures from China threatening to leave to six party talk with North Korea over comments of military build-up, or the blocking of lucrative oil with the communist Chinese government.


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