Debate Update

Free Market News Network, an internet-based news network, has agreed to cover the entire Miami debate this Thursday, September 30th. We are using a medium that will be the wave of the future - and it is the Libertarians, Greens, and Free Market News that will be leading the way. Corporate media cannot suppress our message any longer. We are acting on our first amendment right and giving the American people what they want. Free Market News will be providing unprecedented news coverage. By going to the Free Market News' website (www.freemarketnews.com), you will find live coverage from the full day's events, including the debate, the candidate's rebuttals, reporter's commentary, and interviews. Free Market News is no different than any other cable news network, except they will be supplying expanded coverage that can only be showcased through the world wide web. The title of Joe Trippi's book says it all, "The revolution will not be televised".

Right now we need everybody that is anybody to post, announce, and spread the Free Market News website as far and as wide as you possibly can. Post to discussion lists, blogs, chat rooms, and anywhere else that is conceivable. Let America know that there is a real debate this Thursday, and it can be viewed in its entirety. We are battling time to promote this historic news coverage. You will be given the opportunity to witness every second of the Miami debate, the candidate?s rebuttals, and every second in between. Details and press releases will be avaliable ASAP.



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