Alcoholics who stereotype

Tart-tongued Teresa Heinz has become famous for what she describes as her "opinionated" observations, which range from calling critics "idiots" and "scumbags" to telling reporters to "shove it." But in private, the Pittsburgh billionaires sometimes just wants to relax and have fun. Such was the case last weekend, when reporters caught up with Heinz and her presidential wannabe spouse outside a Boston restaurant. Reported the Associated Press.

Last Saturday night, they emerged from a Boston restaurant to face a waiting crowd of media and onlookers. Heinz Kerry, who says she is actually very shy, didn't seem so as she danced a little jig in the glow of the TV camera lights after a couple drinks in the restaurant. The scene attracted onlookers on the sidewalks and some in passing cars who shouted words of encouragement to Kerry. The couple recognized a few young reporters in one passing cab, and Heinz Kerry leaned in the window playfully asking, 'Where's the bar? I need another drink. Where's the bar?' as if she were going to join them. Her husband finally pulled her away by the arm with a nasty scowl smile on his face.


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