Florida's New Election Task Force

Hillsborough county election supervisor Buddy Johnson as of September 27, 2004, has created a new election task force that will be at the voting polls and random registration offices, with the power the arrest and detain citizens. The task force was created to ensure that only U.S. citizens are voting in the elections, and that elections officials are checking for valid government issued photo identification. And if a person is caught trying to knowingly defraud our voting system will be fined and maybe sent to jail for a few months. Mr. Johnson has stated that he received the idea from the national media covering of states with the same problem, and after viewing the estimated number (150,000 - Florida Department of State) of votes that were submitted by illegal immigrants. A minority of groups have already started to rise up against this enforcement of the Florida state law. They say it is unfair to confirm ones identity, and goes against a person’s civil rights. Citizens that support this action say that it is about time, and it is only an American’s right to vote in our elections.


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