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Libertarian presidential candidate Michael Badnarik is soundly defeating Ralph Nader and all other third-party candidates in the “the battle of the ballot,� as his name currently appears on 48 state ballots, compared to just 39 for Nader.

“Later, Nader!� said Badnarik campaign chairman Fred Collins. “Even if this publicity hound wins all of his legal challenges, he will be on 43 ballots at the most. Voters may see more of Ralph Nader on television, but they’ll see more of Michael Badnarik on their ballot, where it really matters.�

Badnarik is now confirmed on 48 state ballots plus the District of Columbia, compared to just 39 for Nader, 38 for the Constitution Party’s Michael Peroutka and 27 for the Green Party’s David Cobb.

Nader’s name will be absent from ballots in vote-rich states such as California, Georgia, Indiana and Virginia. He could also be excluded in Texas, Illinois and Ohio if he loses his legal challenges, according to Ballot Access News, which tracks third-party election issues.
Libertarian Michael Badnarik passed the 48-state milestone last week when petition signatures were verified in Alabama. Badnarik narrowly missed qualifying for the New Hampshire ballot, though a challenge is under way. In Oklahoma, which has some of the most restrictive ballot access laws in the nation, the party is awaiting the outcome of a lawsuit.
Collins calculates that by getting on 48 ballots, 98.4 percent of voters will see Badnarik’s name when they go to the polls.

“Americans who are fed up with tax-and-spend Democrat John Kerry and borrow-and-spend Republican George Bush will have a meaningful choice on Election Day,� he says. “Anyone who wants a smaller, less expensive government is wasting their vote on Bush or Kerry.�
The Libertarian Party, which is widely considered to be America’s largest and most successful third party, has gotten its presidential candidate on all 50 state ballots for the past three presidential elections in a row; no other third party has done so twice.
The Libertarian Party has approximately 600 local officeholders nationwide, which is more than all other third parties combined. Together they save taxpayers an estimated $1 billion per year. The party expects to run more than 1,000 candidates for federal, state and local office in the November election.


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