Denigration of personal responsibility

Currently in the United States we are seeing a trend of personal responsibility being passed from an individual to society as a whole. Victims are never at fault, and money can always be gain. One example is the lawsuit filed against MySpace.com for $30 million dollars for an alleged sexual assault in Travis County, Texas. For some reason beyond my comprehension MySpace is totally at fault because a 14-year-old girl was contacted by a 19-year-old man, she gave him her cell phone number, and of her own free will and accord she went on a date with him. After dinner and a movie in the back seat of his car he allegedly raped her. And because of that, MySpace owes her money. Where were her parents in all of this, were they monitoring her internet usage? Obviously not. And why did she give him her cellphone number? It sounds like she knew her parents would not approve, and she felt like she needed to hide it.
This is almost as injudicious as a fat person suing McDonalds because their double cheeseburgers made them fat. What did they think it was made of, fruits and vegetables?
I think America needs to wakeup to common sense and have parents monitor internet usage and properly educate children to the dangers of the world, instead of having them walk around hood-wicked to society.


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