Cheney hunting story over reported?

Since Sunday (2-12-06) when the hunting accident involving Vice President Dick Cheney shooting lawyer Harry Whittington was reported, it seems that is the only big news happening in the United States for the past three days. Every show from cable news to late night talk shows are constantly making jokes, and endlessly talking about it. And why? On average about 80 fatalities are caused each year by hunting accidents, and never go reported, especially for three days straight.

But on a whole the over reporting of the Dick Cheney story is not that big of a thing. So many other stories in the United States that are not favorable to the current administration are going under reported. Like the story of British abuse, two soldiers were arrested today in Britain, but that doesn’t seem to be important at all. For months the public has known from Iranian governmental statements that they have been working towards nuclear weapons, and what has the UN done? Nothing. And the media prosecution of Neil Entwistle has also has been dropped by the media. Unfortunately on of the downsides is the under reporting of the CIA and NSA leaks and prosecutions. I bet numerous people would feel those are more interesting and important stories then a hunting accident in Corpus Christi Texas on private property. So if the media wants to constantly bloviate about a story that will go nowhere, I say let them, then we can watch as their ratings plummet, as people realize there is better things to do with their time.


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