Rude Letter from Rep. Tom Prezelski

(Direct Quote) Forwarded from Immigration fighter

"Proposition 200 failed in the district I represent. Given that you don't live here, I find it rather presumptuous that you think you can speak for my constituents. Your comments indicate that you have absolutely no knowledge of the ELL problem in Arizona (the issue goes back for decades) or anything about the people who I am trying to represent. This issue has little or nothing to do with illegal immigration and the elected officials who say so generally know better and are posturing. The opinion of NumbersUSA, whoever they are, is irrelevant to me, since I am here to speak for the best interests of the people of Tucson.

Your use of the term "anchor baby" shows a rather unfortunate contempt for your fellow human beings. I find it equally unfortunate that someone with a vaguely Spanish sounding name like yourself would throw in with a bunch of bigots who would like to deport most of my friends, family, and neighbors. Sorry, fella, but neither one of us fits into their vision of America and don't think that you aren't next. You should be glad that someone is speaking out against this movement."

Thomas Edward Prezelski, JR. - Date of Birth: 01/12/1970

State Representative, District 29
1700 W. WashingtonRoom 330
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Office Phone : (602) 926-3424
Office Fax : (602) 417-3129


This is a very rude guy, but what do you expect from a felon and bad driver who was only able to be elected by running unopposed.

Rep. Tom Prezelski under investigation media story

*** Detailed Case Infomation ***

**** Case infomation source ****


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have met Rep. Tom Prezelski in person before, and he was very rude even though I told him I voted for him. Which I did.

But I have come to the realization that he wants to push an anti-American agenda, and help Mexico and illegals as much as he can.

I wonder if you is a legal citizen. Maybe ICE should investigate him.

25 January, 2006 17:38  
Blogger Art Jacobson said...

Dear Mr. Bee

Given the usual rough and tumble of internet debates I must say I don't find Tom P.'s letter particularly rude. You could, of course, have kept it from general distribution by not posting it yourself.

As to your claim that he is a felon I'm not sure...is that libel or slander? I've never been able to keep the two separated, myself.

25 January, 2006 20:01  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Arizona Daily Star - Published on: 7/29/2005

Issued: August 5, 2005 - Arizona

Arizona Rep. Tom Prezelski, Jr.'s role as the suspect in a Tucson felony fraud investigation will likely not result in an investigation at the Capitol. House Speaker Jim Weiers is not interested in calling for an investigation by the House ethics panel, said Barrett Marson, spokesperson for the House leadership. Marson said House ethics investigations are usually called for offenses related to the member's position in the House – a conflict-of-interest, for example. The panel will also conduct an investigation if a person with firsthand knowledge of the offense files a complaint with the committee, said Marson. Prezelski attributed his problems partly to a pay cut he took when he was appointed to the House of Representatives in February 2003. Prezelski said he now has his finances straightened out and he does not believe the problems have affected his job. The Tucson police fraud investigation is in response to a report to police by a friend of Prezelski's that he had stolen a blank check from her, made it out for about $10,000, and forged her signature in June 2003. No charges have been issued in the case, although it is still an open investigation.


Of course if Arizona Rep. Tom Prezelski, Jr. was a regular citizen criminal charges would have been filed for theft, identity theft, and bank fraud. But since he has connections no action will ever be taken. After seeing this , who can say justice is blind?

26 January, 2006 04:01  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info, I hate this guy. I'm going to give him a call at home since he never returns my call at his office.

26 January, 2006 05:34  
Anonymous Tom Prezelski said...

Neither one of the addresses you posted was mine (They aren't even in my district). My mother has already received two crank phone calls from somebody. I ask that you remove this erroneous "personal information" before some other innocent party gets caught up in this little tiff.


26 January, 2006 15:55  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks like Joey found a button to push.

Thank god for free speach!!!

26 January, 2006 21:51  
Blogger Joey Bee said...

My mistake, I should have analyzed the property documents more. I am man enough to admit I made a mistake. But I do stand by the court documents and that Thomas Edward Prezelski Jr. is a criminal, and maybe a felon.

27 January, 2006 00:41  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm very surprised Joey admitted he was wrong. I tried to call Tom today, but it seems like he blew me off. Last time I vote for him.

27 January, 2006 15:51  

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