Border Security

Finally the governor the Arizona has sent National Guard troops to secure the southern border. I think this action will help decrease the amount of illegal immigrants crossing the border. Some “open-border� supports are going to claim that more troops on the border will increase the amount of death. But that is entirely wrong. With more troops on the border, illegal immigrants will be less likely to cross in the first place out of fear of being detained and returned. So the only people who have to be worried are drug and human smugglers, honest people do not depend on illegal activity.

This should have started decades ago, and if it was, more infrastructures would be available. I think every recruit in every branch of service should be sent to the southern border for basic training. The presence of troops on the border will be a big deterrence. Every skill from tracking, moving, and surveillance, which is a vital skill for survival on a battlefield, can be tested and honed before a single life is at peril.


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