Howard Dean running his mouth again

Howard Dean, Chairman of the Democratic National Committee, in a sick and stunningly opportunistic attempt to profit politically from the recent heinous murders of six immigrant farm workers in Georgia, released a statement yesterday blaming the Minutemen border watch movement for somehow inciting this crime.

In his blatant attempt at race baiting, Dean – carrying on the despicable tradition of racial demagoguery practiced by such Democrats as Bull Connor, Orval Faubus and Rep. Charles Rangel – yesterday accused the Minutemen of “spreading fear and hatred in America.�

Chris Simcox, President of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps (“MCDC�), made the following statement: “By Howard Dean’s logic, Dean’s fellow Democrats, New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson and Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano, are responsible for any hate crime perpetrated against Hispanics in their states, because both Democrat governors have declared states of emergency on their respective borders with Mexico.

“Governors Richardson and Napolitano are not spreading fear and hatred in America, nor are the Minutemen. We are bringing attention to the dire national security crisis, and to an immigration policy that has created a condition of catastrophic lawlessness and vulnerability at our wide-open borders.

“Dean ignores the fact that most crimes committed against illegal immigrants are perpetrated by members of well-established illegal immigrant gangs – run by international criminal cartels ruthlessly trafficking drugs, weapons, and impoverished migrants into our sovereign territory. These gangs prey on illegal immigrants and our citizens alike, in communities all across America. Securing our borders is pro-immigrant. Once the borders are secured, all who come here through legal ports of entry will be required to have legal status thus barring criminals and gang members from entry.

“It is irresponsible rhetoric like Dean’s that makes it more difficult for serious people to remedy a situation that leaves America vulnerable to terrorist attacks and organized crime – which brutalizes, oppresses and violently exploits the least fortunate among us. Dean should leave behind the contemptible race-baiting politics of the 19th and 20th Centuries and join those of us who are trying to solve America’s 21st Century problems.�

MCDC is conducting a month-long border watch program this October called “Secure Our Borders.� An estimated four thousand trained Minuteman volunteers will participate in non-confrontational border watch efforts on America's northern and southern borders. Minutemen act as extra eyes and ears for the Border Patrol and will report directly to authorities any sightings of border crossings at other than legal ports of entry.


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