Plans to betray Sheehan already in the works by left

Cindy Sheehan a ‘Gold Star Mom’ is anything but worthy of a gold star. What did she do or is she doing to deserve any degree of honor, give birth? Raise a child to manhood? To give a mother her due she certainly raised a responsible man who voluntarily gave his life to a cause greater than himself. He died for a cause which keeps the war on terror and its destruction “over there� and not in American streets; a cause which has freed fifty million Arabic people, established two emerging Arabic democracies, and has removed a homicidal dictator from absolute power over his people. He died for a cause which his mother seems determined to invalidate as she absorbs the media attention that should be reserved for her son.

Perhaps the most concerning aspect of Sheehan is the media’s determination to keep this story alive. Notice the focus is not on Mrs. Sheehan’s loss but on her inability to gain a second audience with the President. If this were Aruba, Michael Jackson, Kobe Bryant, or Lacy Peterson we’d be bludgeoned by what her son Casey’s last letter had said, what he was like as a child, we’d be privy to his first steps and his first bike ride, and perhaps what his favorite MRE was. But this isn’t about her son is it? There is a concerted effort by the media to enforce the perception that the President is dodging this woman because he is guilty and stubbornly refuses to admit that she is right. Already there are reports on how Sheehan may well be the turning point of public opinion on the war. What the press, the left, and the Shee-heads are trying to accomplish isn’t remotely new. It’s the same strategy the DNC employed in a failed effort to get John “I’m a hero� Kerry elected without a platform.

Cindy Sheehan was nothing more than a grieving mother until some left wing groups saw an opportunity to exploit this woman’s mental duress to gain the media spotlight. Mrs. Sheehan’s vigil is not about her son, nor is it about getting answers; her cause is entirely about defaming the President to give the left an opportunity to regain seats in the Senate and the House and possibly a shot at the White House in 2008. Constant negative media pounding of the President has reduced his poll numbers just as they did during the year prior to the 2004 Presidential election. America is fortunate to have a leader who can and will stay the course and has little concern over poll numbers.

Mrs. Sheehan, despite giving birth to a noble son does not deserve any honor or attention whatever for what she is doing to her son’s memory, to her son’s decision to serve his country, or to the nation he voluntarily chose to defend. What she is doing, unwittingly or not, is seeking to disgrace his country, to dishonor his comrades, to dishonor his Commander and Chief , and strengthen his killers resolve to fight so more American mothers sons can grieve. Aside from a rooting pocket of radicals, her refocused energy after her son’s death is poised to cost Mrs. Sheehan her family and her husband. I do hope that her liberal handlers treat her well because one day the cameras will stop coming around and Ms. Sheehan will no longer have a voice her handlers want to hear and this mother will find herself very alone and, if there’s any justice, overwhelmed with the guilt of her betrayal.


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