America is under “siege.� It only takes “common sense� to realize and recognize what the past years of uncontrolled illegal immigration is doing to our country. It is “common sense� that explains why our country's enhancement with “political correctness� is the “pathway to destruction.�

It is not “politically incorrect� to state that our problem is due in large part to: Mexicans, Latinos, Hispanics, Colombians, Venezuelans, etc., crossing our southern borders illegally. Who else would cross there? Icelanders? It is important to recognize that the majority of the states within our country are being razed by illegal aliens. It is not just our states bordering Mexico, it is Illinois, new York, new Hampshire, Michigan, etc., that are being traumatized by crime, failing educational systems, overwhelmed health care systems, gang intimidation, drugs, over-populated housing, and more. California is doomed unless governor Swarzennegor wakes up and takes action!

Amnesty, of any form, is not the answer! Amnesty will not educate, employ, or even ensure that illegal aliens register. It will only provide "special interests" lawyers with another antagonist to our legal system. Each and every one of you are responsible for ignoring this problem and managing our country with “gross negligence.� Your citizens are waiting for action and you refuse to listen to their demands that continue to amplify!

Our citizens are in danger from “out of control� gang activity, crime, drug activity, uninsured and non-licensed drivers, rapists and child molesters, burglary, larceny, etc. Our citizens are forced to subsidize these very same activities by paying high property and income taxes. Our veterans, seniors, poor, homeless, etc., suffer the effects of government funds allocated to support illegal aliens. Our children's education is decaying from non-english speaking students, and families that make their own “seasonal� school schedules. Finally, it is certain that potential terrorists and anti-Americans have and continue to, infiltrate our country, the “horrific� consequence of this fact upon our citizens shall surely come.


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