New Mexico's State of Emergency

This week the mainstream news media breathlessly announced a New Mexico state of emergency had been declared by Governor Bill Richardson -- who is planning a presidential run as another... ahem...moderate. Gov. Richardson, observing the chaos created by unbridled illegal immigration in his state, used the situation to criticize the President. But once one analyzes his strategy during this "state of emergency" one can only believe Gov. Richardson is full of baloney.

Unfortunately, even some conservatives are being duped by this former Clintonista's phony state of emergency. Bill O'Reilly heaped undeserved praise upon Richardson as did Sean Hannity. In addition, some in the blogosphere are all abuzz over a Democrat appearing to move to the right of the Republicans on the issue of illegal immigration.

Let's look at Richardson's actions to thwart the onslaught of the border invasion in Arizona:

In order to back local law enforcement, Gov. Richardson sent 56 -- YES 56 -- National Guard troops to the Mexican border. Even that number is deceiving. In order to cover one post with one man (or woman) for 24 hours a day, seven days a week requires 4.5 soldiers. So the BIG 56 soldier beef-up translates into about 12 soldiers covering about 180 miles of border at any one time, if you believe that distance is the problem area as stated by Gov. Richardson. I've seen governors deploy more National Guard troops for snowstorms than Gov. Richardson deployed in his phony "state of emergency."

In the past, Gov. Richardson signed legislation allowing illegal aliens: 1) access to a college tuition lottery that was supposed to help poor citizens pay for college; 2) access to New Mexico driver licenses; 3) access to free healthcare in hospitals. He's also a proponent of amnesty and guest-worker programs that actually reward law breakers. He continues to defend his actions in providing these illegal-immigration incentives.

The man is a crafty politician and, like his pal Hillary Clinton, he talks out of both sides of his mouth. If the reader will recall, in a previous story I compared Madam Hillary's tough talk about illegal immigration with her voting against tougher border security measures. Richardson's whole strategy is about getting positive press from the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, and bloggers, while at the same time continuing the DNC's anti-Bush rhetoric. He is using Bill Clinton's strategy of triangulation, a strategy created by the unscrupulous political consultant Dick Morris. Simply, triangulation is taking your opponent's issues and making them your own, except they become more of an illusion than a substantial policy.

I'm taking a "wait-and-see" posture on Gov, Richardson's "state of emergency" before heaping praise upon him. We all know -- or should know -- Democrats always talk a good war.


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