Paris is crying again!

Paris Hilton lost it as she was hauled off in cuffs in the back of a black and white. With her fate hanging in the balance, Paris Hilton decided to face the judge dressed in ... drab gray sweats!

Paris Hilton arrived at the Los Angeles County Superior Court, just under 30 minutes after officers handcuffed her and tossed her into the back of a Sheriff's cruiser. With more special treatment from the Sheriff's Office, Ms. Hilton was able to avoided the media frenzy at the court when Sheriffs used a private, covered entrance to escort her into the courtroom.

There is no word yet on exactly what type of enterance it was, and if more rules were broken by having an inmate enter though a employee enterance.

The problem here is that there is a medical issue and it isn't wise to keep a person in jail with her problem over an extended period of time and let the problem get worse," bleated Sheriff Lee Baca into his wads of $50 notes. "In my opinion, justice is being served by the decision to have her serve her time at home. She would still be in the county jail if it were not for the medical advice. My message to those who don't like celebrities is that punishing celebrities more than the average American is not justice. Justice is being served by the decision to have her serve her time at home."

The frenzy began early Thursday (6/7/07) when sheriff's officials released Hilton because of an undisclosed medical condition and sent her home under house arrest. She had been in jail for three days. Hilton was fitted with an electronic monitoring ankle bracelet and was expected to finish her 45-day sentence for a reckless driving probation violation at her four-bedroom, three-bath home. The decision by Sheriff Lee Baca to move Hilton chafed prosecutors and Sauer, who spelled out during sentencing that Hilton was not allowed to serve house detention.


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