What does non-citizen mean?

Should people who do not live in the US be able to vote? They are a non-citizen. We could have people in Mexico, Canada, Syria, Iran, and UK, to name a few, pick who our next president will be. And don't forget about nations that have dictatorships. The leader of that country could have an entire population vote for one candidate. Yes in this current age 43 countries still have appointed dictators. Will non-citizens have the same concerns as US citizens? Or would that non-citizen be more concerned with issues that positively affect their nation of choice? And what about immigrants that have entered the US illegally? The government has admitted that there are 8 to 12 million foreigners living here without permission from the American people. Are they considered a non-citizen? They have already broken US law entering the US, should they have the reward of voting in our elections.

State governments have been tripping over themselves to give in-state tuition to illegal immigrants. But Congress adopted the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act in 1996 that prevents states from giving resident discounts to illegal aliens at Colleges and Universities that receive federal funds. Remember 1996, when Republican Congressmen would take a stand against the open-borders Democrat administration? With 41 co-sponsors from both parties, the DREAM act (S.1545) will repeal IIRIA. One wonders why they bother. California and Florida already gives in-state status to illegals, as do other states, in violation of federal law. Is that really fair? Why should out of state students pay more then a person who broke US law. Recalled former Governor Gray Davis signed a bill in October 2001 that offers in-state discounts to illegal aliens.


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